Plauen Civic Foundation – 2014 Projects

For 2014, 22 project applications were submitted. The board of directors held project interviews with the applicants. This was followed by the selection of the project and the presentation and coordination with the Board of Trustees. There are around € 27,000 available for projects in 2014. The following association projects received funding from the Plauen Community Foundation on June 19.

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German Innovation Center for Embroidery e.V.

These are the participants at the “international design award plauen-vogtland - stickstich" - a design competition for creative and innovative solutions in the field of embroidery. Designers, design engineers, product developers and students from all fields of design, either from home or abroad, were able to participate in the competition.

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First funding transferred

For the first time, the Bürgerstiftung Plauen could support associations. The transfer of the monetary amounts took place on stage of the Altmarkt at this year’s Plauener Spitzenfest (Lace Festival) on July 15th, 2013. The following associations received fundings

- Förderverein Freibad Plauen - Haselbrunn e.V. Link zum Verein
- Förderverein zur Erhaltung der Trampeliorgel Straßberg e.V. Link zum Verein
- Vogtländischer Bergknappenverein zu Plauen e.V. Link zum Verein
- Hip Hop Dance Verein Plauen e.V. Link zum Verein
- Fanprojekt Plauen-Vogtland e.V. Link zum Verein
- Förderverein für Berufsbildung Vogtland e.V. Link zum Verein
- Vogtländischer Jagdverband Plauen e.V. Link zum Verein
- Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs Link zum Verein
- Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Vogtlandmuseums Link zum Verein
- Förderverein Pfaffengut Plauen e.V. Link zum Verein
- 1. FC Wacker Plauen Link zum Verein


The example of the 1. FC Wacker Plauen shows how the funding of the Bürgerstiftung Plauen is used

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