Awarded the seal of excellence

Plauen Civic Foundation – member of a strong community

The Bürgerstiftung Plauen Civic Foundation has been awarded the seal of excellence for Civic Foundations from the Federal Association of German Foundations.

The Federal Association of German Foundations gives civic foundations whose profile aligns with their so-called 10 characteristics a special award: the seal of excellence. On 5th April 2019, the Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr Bernd Märtner, received the seal of excellence for two years in Berlin.

"The seal of excellence is recognition of work done and an expression of the trust in the civic foundation continuing in future to make an active contribution to shaping the local community", said Prof. Dr Burkhard Küstermann, the chairman of the jury for the seal of excellence.

To make a successful application, civic foundations need not just a variety of purposes and a local focus for the foundation's work, but, in particular, to demonstrate their foundation's independence from political bodies and show strategic build-up of the foundation's capital. These and other criteria are laid down in the 10 characteristics that civic foundations themselves imposed on themselves as a sign of quality more than 15 years ago.

An independent jury decides on who the seal of excellence is awarded to

"The jury for the seal of excellence takes a close look at the work of the foundation over the past years and then judges whether the foundation is also entitled to bear the seal in the future," says Prof. Dr Burkhard Küstermann. The seal of excellence has successfully established itself over the years as a quality standard within the civic foundation movement and is used in particular for public relations and as a fundraising tool. An independent jury made up of experienced civic benefactors and civic foundation experts examines the statutes of a civic foundation to see if it has the "10 characteristics" and decides whether to award the seal. In 2019, 299 of the civic foundations in Germany are entitled to bear the seal of excellence.

Federal Association of German Foundations

The Federal Association of German Foundations, as an umbrella organisation, represents the interests of more than 22,000 foundations with regard to the public, politics and administration. As the central centre of excellence within the German system of foundations, it offers its more than 4,400 members, benefactors, media professionals and other interested parties extensive information and advisory services. The Alliance of German Foundations ("Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands") is a project of the Federal Association of German Foundations.

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