1. FC Wacker manages bus for athletes

Dear representatives of the Community Foundation!

The first FC Wacker Plauen is pleased and happy that now we can build on the former youth soccer field (Kurt Helbig sports facility).

For us this means an enormous amount of effort in the coming months. But we knew to make provisions. Also with the help of the community foundation there are two buses ready (a new + used bus). So we will be able to take a total of our 14 teams for several months from A (eastern suburb, Wacker Place) to B (Kurt Helbig place). Due to this central construction there are significant challenges and limitations to changing rooms and logistics that we have to assume socially.

1. FC WackerIch is honoured to inform you today that the first FC Wacker Plauen e.V. is "taking a stroll" for the next few years with the Plauen Community Foundation, as partners in the "Wacker youth project 2022". The Foundation was incorporated into the project. Of course, at no cost. The bus 1 has been travelling daily since May 1, 2016.

As an association, we would also like to advertise a little for our perhaps somewhat unknown city foundation. Especially the smaller clubs should be made aware of this foundation.

We can all only say thank you for your volunteer work. We know very well to appreciate what you mean for the clubs of our city.

1. FC Wacker

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