Mini handball tournament with successful première

Mini HandBALL tournament project of SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa e.V. 

The Kurt Helbig Gymnasium in Plauen is used to sports and tumult. On Saturday, 21 March 2015, the tumult was very special. For the first time, the SV 04 invited the young members of the club to a mini handball tournament. There were athletes from Oelsnitz, Saalfeld, and, of course, from SV 04 Plauen-Oberlosa. 
There was a handball tournament, an obstacle course, throwing speed tests, and strength tests. The two bouncy castles, however, were the biggest attraction. The children were at their best much to the delight of their trainers and supervisors, their families, and the organising team.
During lunch in the SV 04 • sport • Bar, the children fortified themselves for a second round. At the end, there were medals, T-shirts, and trophies for all. The Mini HandBALL tournament will now take place on an annual basis. The SV 04, which is one of the largest clubs in Vogtland, would like to offer its young members another opportunity to compete and experience the joy of sport.
The SV 04 would like to thank the Plauen Community Foundation for its support. This event was made possible through the contributions. The board would also like to thank the organising team headed by Franziska Schmidt and Iven Wunderlich, the coaches and assistants, the helpers of the teams, Mario Martin, and especially all the young athletes and their clubs. Ready for action!
Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa
Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa Projekt SV 04 Oberlosa
Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa
Projekt SV 04 Plauen Oberlosa  



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