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Bürgerstiftung Plauen
Pfortenstraße 7
08527 Plauen
Tel. 0 37 41 | 57 219 - 0
Fax 0 37 41 | 57 219 - 40

Tax Number: 223 - 143 - 09913 k04

Concept, Design and Implementation:

Agentur für Werbung & PR
Kathrin Schröter
Sorgaer Str. 1a
08529 Plauen / Vogtl.
Tel. 0179 9 480 460

City of Plauen, Press and Public Relations/Tourism
Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), Bärenstein, Kemmler = Engelmann Design
Stadtpark (City Park) = I. Pastierovic
Stadtbad (Town Bath) = G. Brand
Ehrich-Ohser-Haus (Ehrich-Ohser-House) = E. Schulze
Plauener Spitze (Plauener Lace) = Jürgen Fritzlar
Freibad Haselbrunn (Open-Air Bath Haselbrunn) = Günter Hager
Further photos = René Fiedler, Kathrin Schröter, SV 04 Plauen-Oberlosa e. V.

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Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary on 23 September 2016. To mark this anniversary, Managing Director Sven Franke asked his guests to make donations to the Plauen Community Foundation, since civic engagement in the city of Plauen is dear to his heart. ... more

For the new funding period in 2017, every citizen can make a brief application to the Bürgerstiftung by post or e-mail, using the provided application form until November 30, 2016. ... more