Call for donations from Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH

Bürgerstiftung Plauen 2016

Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary on 23 September 2016. In addition to selling and leasing properties, the Plauen based company specialises in the management of residential and commercial properties. The focus of its activities is the city of Plauen, but the company does also manage properties in Glauchau, Chemnitz, and the Berlin metro region. To mark this anniversary, Managing Director Sven Franke asked his guests to make donations to the Plauen Community Foundation, since civic engagement in the city of Plauen is dear to his heart. To introduce the guests to the foundation's work, Mr Franke also invited its CEO Dr Bernd Märtner to the event. Dr Märtner spoke about the foundation, its history, the projects it has funded in the past, and the commitment that every citizen can make by supporting its work.

The Plauen Community Foundation wishes to thank Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH, Managing Director Sven Franke, and all who contributed.
Bürgerstiftung Plauen 2016
Bürgerstiftung Plauen 2016

Managing Directors Sven Franke and Dr Bernd Märtner toast the 25th anniversary of Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH and its commitment to the Plauen Community Foundation.



For the new funding period in 2018, every citizen can make a brief application to the Bürgerstiftung by post or e-mail, using the provided application form until November 30, 2018. ... more