Activity report for 2014

In 2014, the management of the funds, the allocation of project funding, and public relations were the main points of discussion.
Eleven board meetings were conducted voluntarily and with no additional expense (e.g. attendance fees or travel expenses) to the board members.
Twenty two funding applications were submitted for 2014. All applicants who had submitted applications that were in line with the foundation’s guidelines were invited to present their projects. The projects were then selected and presented to the Board of Trustees. On 19 June 2014, the 15 applicants selected appeared on stage at the Plauen Altmarkt to receive the checks, which totalled €26,907. In the meantime, all projects (except the seating of Komtur building and the natural hedge of the “Good Hope” garden association were properly implemented. For the seating of the Komturhof, an extension until 2016 was requested; this request was granted by the Board. The natural hedge project was withdrawn by the applicant.
Twenty funding applications were submitted for 2015. The projects were assessed and selected as in 2014. At the project interviews, representatives of the Board of Trustees also took place for the first time. Approximately €30,000 of funding was available for projects in 2015.
The successful investment and the active management of the funds combined with a consistently stringent spending policy led to a surplus of € 10,025 in 2014 (after deducting expenses for project funding). Unfortunately, we were unable to receive as many donations and endowments or acquire as many financially active members as we had aimed for. There is additional need for action in the future.
Because of the low interest rates, if the current financial investment policy is maintained, there was a threat of declining investment income (at least €10,000/year) starting from November 2015. The Board of Trustees therefore received a proposal for adjusting the financial investment policy.
Another action arose from the age structure of the Board. Ms Unger and Mr Unglaub were forced to resign from the Board for personal reasons. We would like to thank them for their dedicated work. Dr Gogsch and Ms Pecht have been added to the board and were able to make a considerable contribution to fulfilling the tasks of the Community Foundation.
Compared with 2013, the publicity of the Community Foundation is much stronger. In addition to press conferences and various press releases, the increased number of successfully completed projects and the improved timeliness of the Foundation website led to the increased visibility of the Plauen Community Foundation. The distribution of the foundation flyer, the membership in the Association of German Foundations, and the sharp rise in financial project funding also helped further improve the external visibility of the Community Foundation.
All regulatory inquiries were answered in full and on time. The charitable status of the Plauen Community Foundation was ensured without objection.
Plauen, 26 March 2015
With kind regards,
Dr Bernd Märtner



For the new funding period in 2018, every citizen can make a brief application to the Bürgerstiftung by post or e-mail, using the provided application form until November 30, 2018. ... more