Another 20,000 euros for the associations and citizens of Plauen

Despite negative interest, share capital grows to 1.7 million euros

(text & photo: Karsten Repert // weekly press BLICK)
They manage 68 billion euros of share capital. Are the 22,743 foundations in Germany now being phased out? The risk of that is great. Because for some time now, people have been receiving negative interest for money saved in their accounts. The Civic Foundation in Plauen is fighting against this decline in value. And it has been one of the few foundations in the country who has had success in doing so. "Our original costs are very low because we are all volunteers," says Prof. Dr Bernd Märtner, pointing out the main problem of most financial institutions. The second advantage: “We keep getting donations from the people of Plauen. They help to secure the share capital and increase it. On top of that, we have really safe fund investments. On behalf of the 64,931 citizens of Plauen, I would today like to thank all of the volunteers and all benefactors,” emphasises chairman Bernd Märtner.

Share capital grows by 300,000 euros

In 2012, committed citizens of Plauen came together in the town's Civic Foundation to sustainably and selflessly promote and develop education and upbringing, youth and old people's welfare, art, culture and the preservation of historical sites, and social issues, as well as sport and nature conservation, for the benefit of the people living in the city through a community foundation. It started with 1.4 million euros. Today, Maik Immel (2nd Chairman) manages as much as 1.7 million euros. And this is despite inflation and negative interest rates. The Federal Association of German Foundations has therefore awarded the Plauen Civic Foundation its seal of excellence. The top citizens of the famous lace town satisfied all ten criteria and therefore had the pleasure of enjoying this special award. Bernd Märtner had accepted the award in Berlin. As chairman of the jury, Prof. Dr Burkhard Küstermann emphasised: “This seal of excellence is recognition of work done and an expression of the trust in the Civic Foundation continuing in future to make an active contribution to shaping the local community."
BLICK 10/2019
left to right: Dr. Ilona Gogsch, Prof. Dr. Bernd Märtner, Michael Rannacher (organiser Steame engine exhibition), Gabriele Pecht und Beate Schad
photo: Karsten Repert

Steam engine exhibition brings in 528 euros

The proceeds of the “2018 Steam Engine Exhibition”, amounting to 528 euros, have now been paid into the account of the Civic Foundation. This year's follow-up event will be hosted by organiser Michael Rannacher on 3rd November 2019 in the premises of M&S Umweltprojekt GmbH. More about that in the next couple of days. The voluntary work of board members Beate Schad, Dr Ilona Gogsch and Gabriele Pecht has confirmed their convictions. “Being reliable and promoting something sustainable is our goal. We want to open doors for the applicants so that they can implement their projects."




For the new funding period in 2021, every citizen can make a brief application to the Bürgerstiftung by post or e-mail, using the provided application form until November 30, 2020. ... more