Annual general meeting on March 28, 2018

Bürgerstiftung Plauen

At this year's AGM at the Sternquell Brewery, the Plauen community foundation was able to show a very good financial situation. The capital available to the foundation has been increased from an original sum of €1,400,000 (2012) to €1,650,000 (2017), although €108,000 has been disbursed towards the foundation's charitable objectives. ... read more


Bürgerstiftung Plauen
At the press conference (9th October 2017), Michael Rannacher handed over the proceeds of 406 euros of this year's steam engine event to the board of the Bürgerstiftung Plauen.

(from left to right): Beate Schad, Dr. Ilona Gogsch, Maik Immel, Prof. Dr. Bernd Märtner, Michael Rannacher and Gabriele Pecht. 

Press event of the Bürgerstiftung Plauen

Bürgerstiftung Plauen

The deadline for the application of subsidies from the Bürgerstiftung (Community Foundation) Plauen is approaching. Plauen associations can submit their applications to the Bürgerstiftung Plauen for their upcoming projects until 30th November of this year. Last year, 27 associations did this - 19 received grants in 2017. Various projects from sports, culture and social life were among them. The Bürgerstiftung is looking forward to many projects in and around the city of Plauen. For next year, it will again use €25,000 for this. ... read more

(18/10/2016) Press conference

at the Plauen Community Foundation 

Bürgerstiftung PlauenI
In October, the Community Foundation invites to a press conference for a special reason. The Plauen Community Foundation would like to point out once again that the deadline for submissions for funding in 2017 is November 30th. In the press conference, the board members Dr. Gogsch, Maik Immel and Dr. Bernd Märtner informed about the responsible work of the committees. The changes in the financial market face those responsible for the foundation with new challenges. The Foundation's capital must be created under close observation and this must be done, above all, safely and with investments that increase the foundation's capital - despite the current low interest rates. The Plauen Community Foundation has managed this. Maik Immel says that they are applying a "risk-discipline". ... read more

Call for donations from Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH

Bürgerstiftung Plauen 2016

Immobilienbüro Fritz Haupt GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary on 23 September 2016. In addition to selling and leasing properties, the Plauen based company specialises in the management of residential and commercial properties. To mark this anniversary, Managing Director Sven Franke asked his guests to make donations to the Plauen Community Foundation, since civic engagement in the city of Plauen is dear to his heart. ... more

Annual General Meeting on March 30th, 2016

At this year's annual meeting of the Plauen Community Foundation, the board was able to show a positive balance again. Due to the successful investment and active management of the financial foundation funds, a surplus could be achieved in 2015. Once again the members of the community foundation looked back over the projects funded during the year 2015. 25,770 Euros could be issued to clubs. For 2016, 34 project applications were submitted with a total financial cost of 73,226.13 Euros. The assessment and selection of projects was carried out analogously to the procedure used in 2015. At the project interviews a representative of the foundation board also participated. There is about 28,000 Euros available for projects in 2016. This year, elections were on the agenda of the Plauen Community Foundation. The Board of Trustees and the Executive Board were elected.   ... more

The Plauen Community Foundation thanks Manfred Feiler

On his 90th birthday, local painter Manfred Feiler renounced gifts in lieu of donations to the Plauen Community Foundation. By the end of September, the foundation received €1,400. This will be used to support various clubs and associations in Plauen. The Board thanks Mr Feiler for this generous donation. ... more

​Annual General Meeting on 27 March 2015

This year, the annual meeting of the Plauen Community Foundation was once again held in the beer cellar of the Sternquell Brewery in Plauen. Board chairman Dr Bernd Märtner was once again able to report a positive balance for 2014 and indicated that the trend would also continue into 2015. Projects will be funded with at least € 30,000. ... more

22 project applications were submitted

In 2014, 22 project applications were submitted. The project interviews with the applicants were conducted by the Foundation Board. Thereafter the selection of projects as well as the presentation and consultation with the Foundation Council took place. About 27,000 € are available for projects in 2014. The following association projects received a funding by the the Bürgerstiftung Plauen on June 19.

Annual general meeting on March 28, 2014

Bürgerstiftung Plauen
This year's annual general meeting of the Bürgerstiftung Plauen took place in the beer cellar of the Sternquell Brewery Plauen. The Foundation Board Chairman, Dr. Bernd Märtner, stated that the main focuses in 2013 were establishing the full working capacity of the Bürgerstiftung, managing the foundation's resources, the initial assignment of project funding as well as public relations.

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For the new funding period in 2018, every citizen can make a brief application to the Bürgerstiftung by post or e-mail, using the provided application form until November 30, 2018. ... more